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Kesi’s Spanish Story

 I went to Gatlinburg-Pittman High School on the college path. That meant taking Latin 1 & 2 freshman and sophomore years and honors English freshman-junior year with Walters State Community College Dual Enrollment Composition and American Literature senior year.  When my junior year rolled around, I thought Spanish would be a good elective to take. What I did not take into consideration when I enrolled in that class is that all of my friends took Latin with me already. I knew one girl who the seating chart placed at the front of the class while seating me in the far back corner with the best friend of the Class of 2000’s drug dealer behind me and said dealer beside him. The best friend cheated off of me while the dealer wrote out their Valium orders for that afternoon. When finished with business, the dealer would get his friend’s paper to copy.  That made for a very long semester for this former shy 16 year old. Fast forward to summer before my senior year when it came time to me

The Highlander Blogs Introduction

  This is where I, Kesi, will post tips, stories, and news about my writing and translation business.  This site will be in English only so that people learning English as a second language can benefit from it too.  I will post Spanish learning tips, and English learning tips, with pronunciation practice in both. Kesi has a website in English  The Bilingual Highlander   and one in Spanish.