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The Bilingual Highlander's Trip to Mexico

 As I work on the Spanish book I am writing, I think of things that have interrupted past tutoring sessions.  I like to tell my students about my experiences as a high school teacher and some of my most memorable experiences with Latinos. One of my favorite stories to tell is about my trip to Mexico City over Spring Break 2009 while I was teaching at Seymour High School.  At that time, I had known my ex-husband for five years and been married three years.  His mother had already been up to visit us for a week.  His youngest brother just became a father, and the family in Mexico wanted to meet his daughter.  I accompanied my sister-in-law and 6 month old niece.   I was excited to go to Mexico City.  As a Spanish major at UT, I studied Aztec culture and Mexican history.   I read books about immigrant life and the trip acros the border that so many people take.  I wanted to go to museums and see things like Frida Kahlo's residence. I wanted to do tourist, traveler things I see as I lo